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Our Services and Government Programs

Our Services and Government Programs

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Homeowner´s Solutions

Homeowner´s Solutions

If you are not eligible for the Government Programs, we have more options.

Save my House

Avoid Foreclosure

loan modification

Loan Modification

The main benefit of refinancing your mortgage is that you will probably be able to get propitious conditions, such as lower rates, lower tranches and faster loan payoff. Nevertheless, refinancing may be difficult if you did not pay on time or you have other credit pending. Be careful the common mistake that the majority does. Many homeowners get into problems, down the road, after refinancing. The careless homeowners usually reinvest to pull out money and do not realize that they increase their loan by expenditures and huge brokerage fees. As a result, the loan becomes larger and the interest rate gets higher, due to late payments. At the end, you must pay more and more every month, which is in contrary to what you want. Refinancing is a good idea but it needs a great amount of equity and to agree with a higher payment. We can also negotiate with your present lender to edit your current mortgage, in order to add your back payments to the back end of your loan. SaveMyHousePlease specializes in finding the most suitable solution for you through network of contacts with mortgage and legal professionals. Make sure to plan your action as soon as possible. As the time gets close to the foreclosure date, the number of options available for you would be limited.

hard money loans

Hard Money Loans

Has short term credit payment put you at risk of losing your house to creditors due to past events that have now been sorted out? Are you competent to pay your mortgage regularly and on time if only you could get rid of those short term payments getting in the way? Get out of that credit hole with a short term debt to consolidate the debt. Your home has equity that can do all of this for you and it won’t be concentrated on your debt history, just on your ability to pay through a steady income stream. Get back on track with us.



In the case of financially insolvent to pay back your loan, another loan will not be the right choice. If you find yourself financially in over your head bankruptcy might be right for you. When creditors start calling, getting expert advice on this matter, is the best thing to do. Attorneys and legal firms may already have tried to advertise about their great service with bankruptcy but they usually fail to mention the fees and costs associated with that service. Bankruptcy is certainly not a ‘get out of jail free card’. Under Chapter 13, once bankrupt, you would need to make regular payments on your bond, as well as regular payments to a bankruptcy trustee for all the payments that were missed, in the past. If even one of these payments is missed or overdue, your credit provider could foreclose on your home. The credit laws have become more stringent, and require credit counseling long before you can even file and if a payment was missed during bankruptcy and your case was dismissed (thrown out), you would not be able to file, for a second turn.

short sale

Short Sale

Are you tired of your old house? Do you want to make that move to a new or refurbished house, one that you can call your own? Even though you want to get rid of the house, it is always better not to opt for foreclosure for two reasons. First one is that you might not be able to get as much profit as you have planned to spent on the house for redecoration or any other work to improve its value and the second reason is that your credit score will go down in the case of foreclosing. Thus, in the case of borrowing money in future, the credit score would disqualify you from many options of loans. Our team will work alongside you, to structure a move from you selling the current property without foreclosure and getting a new house that suits you, you will not face more repairs headaches, just lower monthly payments. Once we structure the move away from foreclosure, you can rest assured and make confident decisions in your own timeframe. Be proud of the move that you make and uphold your family’s dignity.

Save my House


Sell Your House to a House-Buying Investor

Put a stop to your foreclosure nightmares without the stress, anxiety and burden. The fast and most infallible way to ensure the sale of your home is to work, with a professional. You will surely be pleased to know that our associates can buy your home in its current state and finalize on your chosen date, frequently, in as little as 3 days! Regain your bliss and depart with cash for equity. Our specialists halt the foreclosure and your credit is rescued. Are you indebted to pay more than your home is worth? Our professionals specialize in purchasing home even if the home is considered to be under water. We have established an infallible system that utilizes an expert lawyer at our cost, for organizing and directing an effective short sale. A short sale is a procedure in which the bank settles for less than the amount owed. This process accelerates selling your home now and escaping foreclosure. Ensure that you hire a qualified and established firm when thinking about a short sale.


Put Your House for Sale with a Realtor

Enlisting a Realtor could be feasible alternative if time permits before the public foreclosure sale. Confirm you are working with an agent that recognizes the seriousness of exactly how the home foreclosure procedure operates. Have your home for sale as quickly as 24 hours and place the specifics in the hands of a specialist. Capitalize on the equity in your house, maintain the dignity of your dealings and relocate with your pride intact. Data illustrates that the longer a homeowner waits, the more likely he will be forced to evacuate his home, as a result of foreclosure, surrendering any chance of earning cash. Another reason to sell the house instead of foreclosing is because, the foreclosure would create a negative impact on the credit score of the borrower preventing him from any other loans, he is about to take in the future. In case of selling the house with a considerable profit, his credit score is saved and he also earns a profit for all the troubles he went through. To do this perfectly, one needs an expert who can help him in all aspects, when it comes to selling.

credit repair

Credit Repair

This gives a second chance for those who had messed up their credit score, due to various reasons. This would allow them to apply for loans, mortgages, credit cards and other cash advances from banks and other financial institutes. Credit repair is essential for all those with a bad credit score who want to take up loans or cash advances from banks in the future. Whether you plan for a loan or sell your house or request your lender to extend the payment time, your credit score is the best proof that you would not default it again. However, if that is low, then the lender might think before providing you any necessary amenities. The first step to prepare you for a loan is to make your credit score, look good. Our services would provide you necessary actions to clean your credit score and also to maintain it spotless in the future too. Talk to us to know more about the credit repair service. We would provide you an insight of the credit score, the methods to repair it and to maintain it, for long. This is an effective step that would take you back to the healthy financial phase of life.

Save my House

How can you help me save my house?

The circumstances faced by each individual are unique and vary from person to person. We believe in providing solutions to cater to individual needs and not have a generic approach. You will benefit from our experience in handling different situations which were both difficult and challenging. We have various methods and programs to save your home. We will quickly and meticulously analyze the details of your current situation and make recommendations based on your financial profile.

What if I don't know which are my options?

We try to work on all the possible options for you. Sometimes it may emerge that making a fresh start is a better option which is in your best interest. We try to help you by offering a fair and reasonable price for your house.However, there are certain criteria for a house to qualify for our purchase program, and if your house qualifies we can proceed further.

Is filling for bankruptcy going to stop my foreclosure?. Will it affect my credit?. What should I do?

Yes, apart from foreclosure, the other thing that would reflect adversely on your credit history is your filling for bankruptcy. Bankruptcies can prevent you from getting any type of loan for many years in the future as they stay on your credit history for 10 years and such a credit history is not favourable.There are many ways of avoiding filing for bankruptcy and still manage to save and keep your house. We offer free consultation to house owners. We can work together to come up with a custom made plan to cater to your specific needs and work towards saving your credit history from being adversely affected and on ways to save your house.

Does my mortgage bank help me in the short sale process?

Lenders lose more money when they force a property through a foreclosure process. The holding costs, the cost of repairs to the property, overhead expenses and the sales commissions amount to huge costs for the lender. With our expertise, we will convince them that it is more beneficial for them to discount or “short” the mortgage now. By agreeing to the sale of the house for less today, the lender is able to close the loan and avoid registering larger loss later. Short sales are beneficial for the lenders or there would not have been instances of lenders approving this process.

Is it possible to sell a house for less than my mortgage balance?

We engage a specialized attorney at our own expense for a process called the short sale opportunity. We do not charge the homeowner any fee for this process. Through this process, we will re-negotiate your loan with the mortgage company. A lender would lose more money when the property is foreclosed so a lender would voluntarily want to get the loan off their books.

I'm a week away from auction, can you still help me?

We are committed people and believe in taking quick and prompt actions in your best interest but we need enough time to communicate with the mortgage company and to cut through the red tape. We may or may not be able to help you depending on how much time you give us. The sooner you approach us, it is more likely that we may be able to help you save your house and avoid the foreclosure process.

I have been trying to refinance my mortgage for about a year with no success. How do I know if you are going to be able to help me?

If refinancing is an immediate requirement, we may not be able to help you with it. However, we can definitely help you in drafting a plan which will help in re-establishing your credit history such that you can qualify for bank financing within a year and no company turns your application down.

I will like to sell my house if I can rent it and eventually buy it back. Is it possible?

We are committed to work in the best interest of the house owners. We explore all possibilities and make the best recommendations based on the situation of the house owner and the financial profile of the owner. We make truthful recommendations, based on our observations and experience. Over the years, we have seen that most house owners in a situation similar to yours, have not been able to buy their house back .They mostly end up having to move out of their homes after all attempts and hope fades. We may be able to help you by buying your house. Your house needs to fulfill our investment criteria though. You can approach us to find out if your house meets our investment criteria. Provide us information about your special requirements. We will analyze the information and let you know the details of how we can help you.

I'm thinking on listing my house with a realtor. Why should I choose to work with you instead?

The responsibility of a realtor is to list your house in the hope that a buyer would check the listing and be interested to buy the property from you.We, on the other hand may be able to help you keep your home if you wish to keep it. We may buy it from you directly too if that is what you want. The greatest advantage you have if you work with us, is that we can offer you variety of creative financial options which are in accordance with your needs and requirements. If you decide to sell your house, we can buy your home and at the same time help you find another place to live. We will also help you restore your creditworthiness. We don’t work like realtors. We don’t want to list your home, in order to get a commission. We are committed to work in the best interest of the house owners. If possible, we want to help you keep your home.

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